S3 EBonus: WASD E8: The History of Destiny's Development and How Destiny 2 Compares

I hope you like the video game Destiny and the following expansions and sequel, because oh man, do we have an episode for you. Join us as Cameron takes hold of the mic all by his lonesome and discusses the rocky history of Bungie and the video game we've come to call Destiny for more than 30 minutes!

Seriously, if you have no interest in Destiny, you could probably stand to not listen to this. Just a warning. Though honestly, it's a decent-ish look into the history of how games are sometimes made, so that could be interesting to you as well! Maybe! I dunno, I'm stretchin' here. 

Music is the Destiny Main Menu theme by Martin O'Donald and Destiny OST - Regicide (8-bit Remix) by NeptuneEDM on Youtube.