S3 E32: AA-BB-A-solutely Art

You know what's art? Limericks. Stephen, Cameron, and Zachary learn this lesson through a teamwork exercise that had them hesitantly rhyming words until true inspiration possessed their earthly bones with an electric air of compromised meter. Now they're best friends. But yeah, speaking of being possessed, Spooktober rises from the grave once more to insight fright like a regular ol' wight. At least the topic of video games has a final resting place to look forward to with a newly-announced WASD spin-off podcast. Between the literary slant and macabre subject matter, this is one episode Edgar Allan himself would enjoy!

Edited by Stephen. Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. All other music is from Incompetech. Sound effects are from the mouths of Stephen, Cameron, and Zachary.