S3 E31: Pumpkins and Positivity

Y'all? Hey. Hey, y'all? It's fall. And to prove it, our host and savior Bryan has put together a squash-based quiz show that will test your knowledge almost as much your patience. As someone with very little of either, Cameron comes out screaming with enough bad attitude to secure him a spot on the A-Team. Thank the Great Pumpkin that we have Ben here with a hay bale of positivity, going so far as to announce his currently unborn child ______'s name to the world. Abigail is somewhere in between these two cosmically balanced forces of temperament, but Stephen didn't really listen to much of the episode so he doesn't have anything to say about her.

Edited by Cameron. Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. All other music is from Incompetech. Sound effects are from Freesound.