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  Join us one, join us all for GOING ONCE. GOING TWICE. SOLD to the PERSON listening to this! That was a sly attempt at tying in the episode topic with this description, and boy do I hope you enjoyed it! This month, the guys decide to spend their time betting fake points on real games in order to see which real game gets more fake points on the internet. Who is real? What is fake!?? You be the judge! Our intro theme is The Olive Gang by Coda. This episode was edited by Cameron, and the sponsor was edited by Stephen.

S10 E5.5: Airports are Loud Part 2

  As Cameron, Stephen and Bryan were heading home from VGM Con in April, as is tradition when they happen to all be in the same airport as each other, they recorded another episode of Airports are Loud. This time around, the airport was actually quite quiet! Enjoy this somber, chill episode of the Pod-Cast, and pretend you too are in an airport with your best friends. There was no editing to this, and there is no theme music. Cameron uploaded it. Good for him.

S10 E5: LIVE at VGM Con!

  VGM Con happened in the lovely, slightly snowy Minnesota and EVERYONE was invited! Ben, Bryan, Stephen and Cameron took a moment out of their fun filled schedule to make a quick pod-cast in the middle of a busy restaurant at the venue. The entire convention was a lovely time, and it felt so good to get the gang back together. We hope to see everyone again next year. Same time, same place! Edited by Ben. Our theme music is The Olive (oil) Gang by coda.

Welcome to the new home of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast!

Hello everyone! Over ten years ago, a group of friends started the Whales are Whales podcast network. Over those years, people came and went, shows started, finished and were left to the internet winds. But over that entire time, the crown jewel of the network, the Pod-Cast, has remained steady.  As Cameron has always said, the Pod-Cast will remain eternal! Monthly episodes will not be stopping any time soon. However, it didn't make much sense to keep a fully dedicated website up for a single show. This new blog will serve as the landing page for the Pod-Cast for the foreseeable future.  On this blog will also be archives for all our previous shows, including every episode of the Pod-Cast and most other shows we hosted on Whales are Whales. We'll also have various other goodies including episode descriptions and segments.  Thank you for joining us in this new adventure as we continue to have goofy, silly, nonsensical fun times in the Pod-Cast!