S2 E14: A Whole New World (feat. Ariel)

Abigail is here for this episode of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast, sure, but do you know who she brought with her? That's right! A female human being of very similar DNA structure and familial descent: her sister Ariel! This figure from her past conjures up thoughts of nostalgia, such as very specific childhood memories involving $16 jeans. The dual Endsleys vanish to the winds of time before the credits roll, leaving Stephen, Bryan, Zachary, and Ben to play a new segment called De-FIN-itions, during which they take turns guessing the meaning of words by going around the table widdershins-style.

Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda

All other music is from Incompetech

All sound effects are from Freesound