Cameron and His Dad's "Wowee Zowee" Brain-Teasers

This week's episode began like any other: mild chaos sprinkled with well-meaning jokes. Nobody signed up for philosophical struggles. Nobody signed up for evolutionary disputes. Nobody signed up for GOSH DARNED BRAIN-TEASERS, but like that scary-looking Taekwondo class your mom made you go to every Wednesday afternoon (right before Teen Titans came on), you had fun once you got there. 

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S3 E33: Episode SPOOOOOOOOKY (did we already do this title?)

Ben, Bryan and Cameron are back in this week's episode of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast, this time to try to scare the literal pants off of you, dear listener, with their own made up spoooooooky Halloween poetry! Sadly, the only scary thing about them is just how scarily bad they are, but the trio certainly enjoyed themselves! As well, Cameron goes on way too long about Blade Runner, Ben is obviously the best person on the Pod-Cast for sticking with his workout regime, and Bryan pretends to listen and care about what the other two panalists are discussing. 

What a nice guy. 

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S3 E32: AA-BB-A-solutely Art

You know what's art? Limericks. Stephen, Cameron, and Zachary learn this lesson through a teamwork exercise that had them hesitantly rhyming words until true inspiration possessed their earthly bones with an electric air of compromised meter. Now they're best friends. But yeah, speaking of being possessed, Spooktober rises from the grave once more to insight fright like a regular ol' wight. At least the topic of video games has a final resting place to look forward to with a newly-announced WASD spin-off podcast. Between the literary slant and macabre subject matter, this is one episode Edgar Allan himself would enjoy!

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S3 EBonus: WASD E8: The History of Destiny's Development and How Destiny 2 Compares

I hope you like the video game Destiny and the following expansions and sequel, because oh man, do we have an episode for you. Join us as Cameron takes hold of the mic all by his lonesome and discusses the rocky history of Bungie and the video game we've come to call Destiny for more than 30 minutes!

Seriously, if you have no interest in Destiny, you could probably stand to not listen to this. Just a warning. Though honestly, it's a decent-ish look into the history of how games are sometimes made, so that could be interesting to you as well! Maybe! I dunno, I'm stretchin' here. 

Music is the Destiny Main Menu theme by Martin O'Donald and Destiny OST - Regicide (8-bit Remix) by NeptuneEDM on Youtube. 

S3 E31: Pumpkins and Positivity

Y'all? Hey. Hey, y'all? It's fall. And to prove it, our host and savior Bryan has put together a squash-based quiz show that will test your knowledge almost as much your patience. As someone with very little of either, Cameron comes out screaming with enough bad attitude to secure him a spot on the A-Team. Thank the Great Pumpkin that we have Ben here with a hay bale of positivity, going so far as to announce his currently unborn child ______'s name to the world. Abigail is somewhere in between these two cosmically balanced forces of temperament, but Stephen didn't really listen to much of the episode so he doesn't have anything to say about her.

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S3 EBonus: WASD E7: JRPG Purgatory

Uh oh, watch out, video games are moving into town and they're coming for YOU! But don't be scared; Stephen and Zachary are just the buddy cops you need to keep everyone safe and streetwise in this urban environment of RPGs. The turf is split between Japan and Belgium with games like Blue Reflection and Divinity: Original Sin 2 all up in this East/West Side Story business, but they skip the violence and drama to head straight for the dancing!

Edited by Zachary. Music from the games we're talking about when the music plays, come on, pay attention. There's also a trailer from Sonic Forces because of Zachary's fault. 

S3 E30: Disembodied Voices Episode 96 Again

The ol' Disembodied Voices cast is together this week, so Stephen, Bryan, Cameron, and Zachary take advantage of this nostalgic situation by talking about video games and how they used to talk about video games. A fun roulette game launches them down Memory Lane in a randomized trajectory that can only lead to good times! And the entirety of Disembodied Voices Episode 96. It also leads to the entirety of Disembodied Voices Episode 96.

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S3 E29: Tree's Company

If Stephen, Bryan, and Zachary ever had a plan for this episode, they surely split it into three equal pieces and ceremoniously ate it for strength and power. To counteract that, here's a well-organized list of everything that happened:

  1. Knack 2
  2. An exploration of Whole Foods and its organic produce yet inorganic process
  3. An impromptu segment about segments that just ended up being a lot of foliage puns
  4. Our first Blue Apron sponsorship!
  5. Cooking gyms

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S3 E28: We Have Beef with Hurricanes

Half of this episode is charming HGTV x DnD material and humorous-but-relatable nutrition details while the other half is a conversation about Hurricane Harvey from the city it barged in on. It's a weird mixture, but that's okay; we're weird people.

We mentioned putting charities in the show notes, but since the needs in Houston are changing day by day and there are so many good places to choose from, we recommend doing a quick search to find what you think would be the most meaningful. Thanks for being good folk!  

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S3 E27: "The Puck Stops Here" - Chinese Proverb

Whales are Whales puts the "edgy" in "cutting edge" even though that technically doesn't make linguistic sense as the quad squad discusses trending topics that you will find in every modern culture publication such as "People Magazine" and other ones. They're bound to Ruffle a few feathers with a hot take or two on late night talk show personalities (more like Conan O'MG, right??) and probably secure a spot on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" when Stephen tries to tell a really funny story about Starbucks baristas for the second time. The hip and happening sprinkles on this relevant pop culture cupcake dazzle the eyes of "Paul Hollywood" himself when Storytime shocks the world over with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Mighty Ducks crossover. So snap yourself a selfie and start your startups because Episode 27 of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast is... um... lit? DANG IT, I ALMOST MADE IT TO THE END 

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S3 EBonus: WASD E6: Zach Plays Twitch... Somehow

On this episode of WASD, the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast's bonus video gaming show, Zach somehow plays Twitch. Yes, the video game live-streaming site. He *plays* it. It's quite a sight to behold. Also, Cameron hears voices, and everyone is concerns for his health as he hosts the show and ends the episode in the worst possible way. 

S3 E26.5: Soymilk Edition

We didn't have the time to record a regular episode of the Pod-Cast this week, and for that we are eternally sorry. However, Cameron decided he wanted to put up something, at the very least, so he pestered Stephen to join him for a quick recording of an interesting (depending on who you ask) thing that happened in his life. 

We're sorry for the lack of an episode this week, and promise we'll be back next week with a regular episode! 

S3 E26: You Don't Know Stephen

Stephen is a busy man. So busy, in fact, that he had time to write a multi-part quiz about himself for this week's episode! After a 40-minute intro of talking about their lives or something, the panel moves onto their exciting awesome well-planned top-of-the-line gourmet hobby-grade impressionist pseudo-spiritual segment about a man whose name begins with an "S" and ends with an "N" and middles with a "TEPHE". Test your skills with the panel, and see how well YOU don't know Stephen!

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S3 E25: Sorry Not Sorry

On this week's pod-cast, it's The Zachary and Ben Show brought to you by alcohol! The two talk about drinking, Ben's lack of remorse over his wife's inability to imbibe with him, and the two make plans to get wrecked together at some point in the future. 

In other pod-cast news, the two give advice to a would-be Justin Bieber fan, the vertically challenged and a man who just wants to get out. Elsewhere, Zachary envisions the day he dies and Ben gets an amazing package in the mail. 

Finally, a poorly produced (and I mean poorly) Story Time caps things off with aplomb. 

Edited by Zachary. Our theme song is Horrendously Riverbanks Iris and our outro song is Absorbency Beecher Treble The Err

S3 E24: The One Where We Talk About Video Games Without Talking About Video Games

Four of the six members of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast are in the same exact house hold, which means that everyone has super bad audio because no one is professional enough to set up four microphones! Instead, they use one during a thunderstorm and have to use tons of noise cancellation to make anything sound good! If that description doesn't already have you racing to listen, we also talk a lot about things relating very closely to video games, but not actually video games directly for a looooooooong time! It's a hoot! 

Edited by Cameron

Music used: 
Title: The Peddler's Legacy
Artist: Vurez
Year: 2009

S3 E23: You Get A Segment, You Get A Segment, Everyone Gets A Segment!

In this brand-spanking-new episode of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast, stuff happens and everyone laughs! Ok, real talk, no one reads these descriptions, right? Ya'll just click on the episode button and listen to the episode. I once had a teacher in highschool who never actually graded our work, he's just give us a grade based on what he thought we deserved. One time, we put an insult on the third page of a 10 page paper (it was a very mean insult), and we never heard back from him, so we all assumed we were correct in thinking he never graded anything. 

...sorry, I might have blacked out for a minute. I hope you enjoy this week's episode of The Pod-Cast!

S3 E22: Stephen Gets Even

Stephen's back, and he's the host! No, no, not the organic living space of a parasitic creature or a male version of the beloved Twinkie inventor, but the man with the plan-- or, in this case, the dude with the 'tude. Stephen has picked up a passive aggressive attitude in his time away, so he spends every cent of his good will on calling Cameron a slob, insinuating that Bryan is boring, suggesting that Abigail is overweight, and making a vicious crack about Zachary's social life. Perhaps all the talk about beer had him drunk with power, or maybe the subject of this episode's Storytime made him prickly, but his unacceptable behavior puts him out of a job as Cameron resumes hosting duties. Which actually works better because Cameron has plenty of parasitic creatures AND Twinkies in his slobby mess of a kitchen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

[Editor's note: Stephen has also been removed from his editing duties.]

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S3 E21: W_ Ar_ _r__nan_

After last week's rousing success, Bryan has decided to take matter's in someone else's hands and make Cameron host. Cameron used his dizzying power and authority to be really polite and ask people good questions. Weddings were also discussed extensively for some reason, despite no one really liking them.

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S3 E20: A Very Normal Episode

Welcome to the Whales are Whale Pod-cast, a normal podcast with normal people who discuss normal things! Like normal guns, normal getting old, and normal complimenting Bryan (who is very normal). I hope you normally enjoy this episode a normal amount! That would be normal.

Edited by Bryan. Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. Sound effects are from Freesound.