Episode 3: Sensational Symphonies with Kevin VanOrd

Kevin VanOrd, Senior Editor of GameSpot and musical aficionado, pays a visit to Train Station at 8 for the express purpose of chatting about orchestral video game music. Nigh countless soundtracks are recalled and discussed with relish-- and speaking of relish, this episode dips into Kevin's dinnertime, proving his dedication to the arts (and multitasking skills) once and for all.

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The 8 Questions:

1: What have you been listening to?
2: Who are some of your favorite orchestral composers?
3: Have you been surprised to hear an orchestra in a game?
4: Have you run across a game soundtrack that feels held back without a full orchestra?
5: Have you felt an orchestra in a game was unnecessary?
6: What orchestrated soundtracks affect your emotions the most?
7: What are some favorite orchestrations we haven't had a chance to talk about?
8: What have you been working on?

Stuff we talked about:

Music used in this episode: