Episode 1 1/2: Musical Moodiness with Jim Crawford

Creator of various songs and video games (including Frog Fractions and its Kickstarter-fueled successor) Jim Crawford joins Train Station at 8 to speak on the subject of how music can set the mood-- successfully or otherwise. Not only is the theory behind Frog Fractions' distinct brand of inconceivable weirdness pontificated upon in this intellectual discussion, but the answers turn out to be "bugs" 78% of the time. 

SPOILER WARNING: Punches are not pulled regarding the ins and outs of Frog Fractions, and it's not something you want ruined. Do yourself a favor and try it out for yourself before listening (it's very free).  And hey, while you're at it, browse the rest of Twinbeard.com and follow its master on Twitter.

The 8 Questions:

1: What have you been listening to?
2: Melodic versus ambient music: which do you prefer and when do you use what?
3: When did a soundtrack particularly draw you into the moment?
4: Can/should Frog Fractions act as a dietary supplement?
5: When did a lack of music particularly draw you into a moment?
6: When did a soundtrack particularly kick you out of the moment?
7: How can visual elements complement/affect the music, and vice versa?
8: What have you been working on?

Stuff we talked about:

Music used in this episode: