Episode 20: Almost Exclusively, Constantly, 100% About Video Games

What do you get when you cross Stephen, Bryan, Zachary, and a podcast? Logically, it would probably be some weird hybrid monstrosity, but let's go with Disembodied Voices instead! Revelations abound in this installment: Zachary turns out to be a madman on the dance floor via Just Dance 3, Stephen is accused of drug use for playing a Nyan Cat game, and it turns out the Joker was Luke Skywalker all along. Bring Your Own Topic returns, replacing the lamer Weekly Query, and a brand new segment-- Why, That's the Most (Insert Descriptor Here) Game I've Ever Played-- is introduced. Download Disembodied Voices Episode 20 today! It might be a milestone or something. [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47796264/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2020.mp3]