Episode 94: A Return to Contention

This week on Disembodied Voices the topics revolve around sexism and its oft-crossed line between parody and immaturity, Kickstarter's long-term dependability with big-budget projects, and the social stigma of anime along with recommendations from a panel of diverse human beings. No, Stephen, Bryan, Cameron, and Zachary have no idea what happened either, but that's what this episode is about. It's also full of debate/arguments/contention, but does include a smattering of video games such as Tales of Xillia, Killer is Dead, Guild Wars 2, and Hero Academy. If you're up for a nontraditional bout of hearty discussion, this is the show for you! Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and ReMixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: The 51st, originally from No More Heroes and ReMixed by Homeslice.

[audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_cffd789554ea4ac8896dad248a9af8d3/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2094.mp3]