Episode 113: Never/Always Tell Me the Odds

The DV Cast is ready to roll... the dice! Because this episode is about randomness in game design! Which includes dice! Or a die if you're working with the singular use! Spelunky and Hearthstone, games that Stephen simultaneously wants to high five and slap in the head, make their own arguments for the great game of chance, but StarCraft Time represents the merits of unyielding uniformity in the face of uneven odds. Cameron becomes a storyteller in the first ever segment Nutter Family History, venturing into the mythical Corn Palace before heading back to Lowrule for some controversial opinions. Bryan, in the meantime, becomes unpopular for having a good time. Speaking of having good times and being unpopular, this episode of Disembodied Voices is ready to roll... the dice! (The joke is funny enough to use twice.) Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Ending song: Roaming... Please Wait, originally from Final Fantasy and ReMixed by BONKERS.

[audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_71a16b3af192452d942e0e911952a5df/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%20113.mp3]

Episode 109: Everything is So Super New

2014 has a nice ring to it, does it not? So does the new Disembodied Voices theme song for the new episode of the new year-- and the newness doesn't stop there! This week's episode is all about trying new things, spearheaded by a bout of very stupid New Year Resolutions, followed by a chat about The Stanley Parable's range of unconventional emotions, which is chock full of spoilers and stories to tell. New games that the DV Cast regret trying morphs into a violent argument about Futurama (during which Bryan compares Firefly to "trash"), but the open-minded train finds its open-minded tracks once more to close out the show with a round of Words With Acquaintances based on new words nobody in the world has ever heard before. Unfortunately, Stephen is still stuck in the old ways of 2012 (Animal Crossing, World of Warcraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.) but his daring bedtime redeems some of his fuddy-duddy disposition. Join Disembodied Voices in a new year of zany mishaps yay! And a big thanks to coda who allowed us to use his 100% delightful song Chalupa Pass from his 100% delightful album Minimap! He didn't even force a blood pact or anything.

Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Ending song: The Earl of July, from Minimap and composed by coda. 

[audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_a96b944d57aa49b2837dad4af9b765d6/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%20109.mp3]

Not So Secret Thanks a Lot Bryan Tactical Espionage Santa Xperience 2013/2014 Results

The gifts have been given. The games have been played. Here now stand four members of the DV Cast in the bright, fresh year of 2014 to conclude the Not So Secret Thanks a Lot Bryan Tactical Espionage Santa Xperience 2013. Stephen embarks on a decidedly Japanese RPG in Ys I, Bryan cautiously peers into the tiger-infested jungles of Far Cry 3, Cameron runs off at the speed of love to meet Sonic Generations and Sonic CD head on, and Zachary cackles with mad glee at the prospect of tearing into bottom-of-the-barrel motorcycle wreck Ride to Hell: Retribution. Will these games become beloved favorites for all of time or will they ruin Christmas forever? Both of these outcomes are profoundly unlikely! Opening/ending song: Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells), originally from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals and remixed by Dale North.

[audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_43cd1e2c621f42bda72c9f655e76cbe5/Not%20So%20Secret%20Thanks%20a%20Lot%20Bryan%20Tactical%20Espionage%20Santa%20Xperience%202013%202014%20Results.mp3]

Episode 72: Chickens of Kakrika

Disembodied Voices descends upon the waking world for another podcast about video games, complete with all your favorite characters of the DV Cast. Bryan and Cameron assure the conversation takes a sharp, immediate turn towards StarCraft II as they congratulate one another on military victories and force Zachary into missing the simple days of flat out cheating. Darksiders II is still hanging around thanks to Stephen, a man who wouldn't know what a Forge Land is if it punched him in the gut, and meanwhile Crysis 3's silly rope physics are most definitely knot appreciated. A brand new segment called Let's Pronounce Zelda Things, Woo is introduced to keep the plot interesting, which leads to the startling revelation that Bryan's middle name is Bob.  Indeed, there are a whole host of inside jokes that can only be understood and tenderly loved should you listen to Disembodied Voices Episode 72, so consider doing just that! [audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_d5fff7c974be46fdbce40446b43cfe3e/Disembodied+Voices+-+Episode+72.mp3]

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and remixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: Agahnim Arsenik, originally from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and remixed by AeroZ.

Episode 71: More Like Dr. Ro-TALK-nik

Zachary may be woefully AWOL this episode, but the remaining DV cast pull their own weight by talking about video games a whole bunch. Cameron and Bryan have fallen into a StarCraft II hole and can't get out as Stephen desperately tries to claw his way from a Fire Emblem: Awakening shaped crater in his life. It's not all strategy game hijinks, however: the adventures of Darksiders II (and misadventures of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) add a dash of action and RPG to the mix. Your weekly dose of baditude can be found in Shadow the Hedgehog and DmC: Devil May Cry, neither of which feature enough silly acrobatics. As icing on the cake, the PlayStation 4 Minute delivers all the news you'll ever need about Sony's upcoming console, unless, that is, you want useful information or developed opinions. So what are you waiting for? Pop on your headphones and enjoy Disembodied Voices Episode 71 today! [audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_f182c9e521354184b0308145068a8382/Disembodied+Voices+-+Episode+71.mp3]

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and remixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: Funky Side Up, originally from Sonic & Knuckles and remixed by metaphist.

Sonic Christmas Blast

Christmas cheer surrounds the world and binds it together like it's the Force or something, and that can only mean one thing: another Disembodied Voices Christmas Special! This time Stephen's gone mad with a burning anger about the state of modern Sonic games, and only the magic of Christmas (and ghosts wielding the magic of Christmas) can pull him from the brink of sadness come a holiday season with no blue hedgehog to find under the tree. Make sure your mug of hot cocoa is close at hand, because you'll need every drop of sustenance as you journey through the dreams of an obsessed Sonic the Hedgehog fan. There's probably a moral somewhere deep inside this heartfelt rendition of Sonic Christmas Blast, so give a shout if you can figure out what it is in between your tears of joy and sadness. The DV Cast wish you and pretty much everyone else the merriest of Christmases!

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/98302924/Sonic%20Christmas%20Blast.mp3]

Episode 21: Forward All Complaints to Bryan

Stephen, Bryan, and Zachary talk about video games. It sounds typical, but this week's episode is through-the-roof-uber-great! Stephen and Bryan are easily swayed by the nostalgic allure of Sonic Generations while Painkiller gets the Zachary Seal of Approval. A fascinating discussion on game journalism is mostly devoid of brain-dead comments and slander, which is a nice break from the norm. The Sonic series makes a return for Games to End All Games, in which Bryan makes a strong argument for Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car. After a tense exchange concerning games that are being released, the whole adventure comes to a close. Should you download Disembodied Voices Episode 21? Yes. [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47796264/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2021.mp3]