Episode 10: A Decade of Episodes, From a Certain Point of View

This monumental installment marks the 10th Anniversary (regarding episode count rather than actual years) of Disembodied Voices, and you won't believe your ears as the entire cast gathers to celebrate. Stephen, Bryan, Zachary, and Cameron contrast shoot-em-up addiction to high platformer tolerance, the distinctly bizarre Dreamcast Game of the Month is elaborated upon, and a brand new segment-- Summarize a Game in Five Words-- ensues hilarity. To miss out on downloading Disembodied Voices Episode 10, you'd have to be a madman with poor taste! [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24480952/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2010.mp3]

QuakeCon 2011

There won't be an episode of Disembodied Voices this week, but we have a good excuse: Stephen and Bryan will be visiting a magical world in which dreams come true called QuakeCon! Do they know anything about computer hardware? No. Gaming tournaments? Nope. Quake? Actually, not really. But Todd Howard will be there showing Skyrim to the masses, and therefore so will Stephen and Bryan! They plan to launch an impromptu interview on him using only an iPhone when he lets his guard down. To find out more about this exciting event filled with terrifying computers, take a look at the QuakeCon 2011 website. If you plan to go as well, go say hi to Todd Howard. Tell him Disembodied Voices sent you.