Episode 64: Jim

When Disembodied Voices calls your name, don't turn away. Face your fate and embrace your destiny. In this particular episode of your destiny, Stephen is nowhere to be found, and since he's the one who writes these descriptions, whatever went on during this week's podcast is a mystery. Bryan, Cameron, and Zachary probably talked about cool things like Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Assassin's Creed III, and-- of course-- the Wii U in all its grandness. Also, a weird dude named Jim shows up at some point. That alone should provide a convincing reason to check out Disembodied Voices Episode 64. [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/98302924/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2064.mp3]

Opening song:  Test Dummy, originally from Mega Man 2 and remixed by AE.

Ending song: Saturday Night Speedway, originally from Sonic CD and remixed by Gecko Yamori.