Episode 53: But We Still Like Cameron

There is no Cameron present in this week's episode of Disembodied Voices, and that rekindles contention thought to buried deep in the passage of time. But since he isn't around to complain, everyone else decides to talk about video games with a carefree spirit. Stephen pits the PC and 3DS versions of Mutant Mudds against one another, The Walking Dead Episode 1 brings a touch of undead emotion to Bryan's life, and Zachary makes them both regret leaving The Last Story in a state of unplayed neglect. Delectable Design tackles the concept of time travel and its many broken forms, along with some not-as-broken forms for good measure. Shadow of Destiny and Bugs Bunny Lost in Time both have their respective five minutes of fame this day. Join this video game adventure in Disembodied Voices Episode 53, with many more to come. The podcast is never over. [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/98302924/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2053.mp3]


Opening song: Test Dummy, originally from Mega Man 2 and remixed by AE.

Ending song: Serious Moon Business, originally from Majora's Mask and remixed by Insixfour and halc.