Episode 14: Zachary Approves This Message

Stephen, Bryan, and Zachary set out to brave robots and multiple varieties of vampires without the aid of professional robot and vampire hunter Cameron. The Zachary Seal of Approval is officially instigated, which is helpful in case you wanted to know what Zachary does or does not approve. Video game soundtrack recommendations are bandied about (Buy the Let's Tap soundtrack today, mac!) and a smattering of new releases are crushed under the heel of Zachary's voice. Zachary's name is also mentioned a lot in this description. Zachary Zachary Zachary. Download Disembodied Voices Episode 14 now! Do it! Hurry!

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24480952/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2014.mp3]

Episode 13: Defender of the Sea

Zachary and Cameron are back to join Stephen and Bryan, and there is great rejoicing! The entire podcast has been revamped and streamlined to offer you a brand new sound while still retaining that smooth, tolerantly acrid taste. Join the DV cast as they guide you through Games They've Been Playing as of Late, most likely freak you out with Dreamast Game of the Month, introdue you to the Weekly Query, invent five word game summaries during the Rotating Segment, and keep you up to date with the reent releases via Zahary's unmatched speaking skills. It's a whole new world out there just waiting to be discovered, so hurry! Go download Disembodied Voices Episode 13 before you grow cobwebs and die of old age! [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24480952/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2013.mp3]