Episode 93: Goodbye Beardo, Hello Guild Wars

The Absolutely Free Weekend of Guild Wars dominates this week's conversation, raising cultural tensions even more than usual as Zachary's beloved Japanese RPGs are pushed to the side in favor of the West. Stephen the Asura Guardian, Bryan the Charr Mesmer, and Cameron the Norn Warrior paint a painterly picture of why they've been having such a blast running amok in Not-Azeroth, which includes a critical analyses of capital cities and a funny story about how Cameron accidentally did the right thing. There is sadness amongst the joy, however: Stephen's BACNLFF (Best Animal Crossing: New Leaf Friend Forever) moved out of his town, but not out of his heart. To balance out these emotional swings, Zachary updates us on his steadfast quest through Tales of Xillia, followed up by a very brief round of Review a Game in Five Words. That's it's for this episode, but look forward to the new series "MMO Bros.", in which Stephen and Bryan talk about MMOs for multiple hours! [audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_3c2e68977c6e496b9df26b43c85824dc/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2093.mp3]

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and ReMixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Sad Ninja Gaiden song: Sudden Loss, originally from Ninja Gaiden and ReMixed by goat.

Ending song: A Decent Challenge, originally from Final Fantasy XI Online and ReMixed by Tweex.

Episode 92: Return/Revenge of the Cameron

Cameron is no longer sleeping on the floor of an airport, so launch the fireworks and toast your complimentary Capri Suns, celebrate, celebrate. The entire DV Cast has reunited to talk about that most pleasant of subjects (video games), and no dearth of subject matter is to be found. Despite a tense argument over the perceivable cuteness of Wittle Wuna (?), the air is filled with lots of jovial talk about Zachary's continued Tales tale, Cameron's appreciation of Kill Place 3, and Bryan's juggling of strategy games. Stephen just talks about stuff like Pokemon cards and Star Wars LEGOs, which no one really wants to hear. And then Cameron quits. So this is an exceptionally normal episode of Disembodied Voices. Enjoy! [audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_eb423073e6054766874f55a20def4bbb/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2092.mp3]

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and ReMixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: Go into the Light, originally from Sonic Colors and ReMixed by Rexy.

Episode 74: Duck Amuck

Why did Buzz Lightyear of Star Command receive 65 episodes? Are Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and possibly Daffy Duck related? Would Stephen now be a better human being if he hadn't watched Power Rangers when he was a child? These are only a small sampling of head-scratching conundrums that Disembodied Voices serves up, and we haven't even gotten to the video games yet. Yes, it's true  that Cameron only makes a text-based cameo in this installment, but the rest of the DV Cast carry on the torch by talking about lots and lots of things. Zachary has so-so thoughts on Dead Space 3 (AKA Kill Place 3), but most of his energy is dedicated to spending unholy amounts of time with Persona 4. Stephen has dived into a full-blown LEGO craze, shuffling through random LEGO-themed CD-ROMs of his past whenever taking a break from LEGO City Undercover. Bryan is mostly just playing StarCraft, but he has a kind word for Natural Selection 2, even if that just means comparing it to StarCraft. Indeed, there is fun-- a great bundle of fun-- to be found here at Disembodied Voices Episode 74. [audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_a26b08b17c8a43ada59188817a946a38/Disembodied+Voices+-+Episode+74.mp3]

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and remixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: Duck Blur, originally from DuckTales and remixed by Star Salzman.