Episode 15: Lumberjack Simulators Are Woefully AWOL

Is there anything better than a piping hot mug of Disembodied Voices in the morning and/or other time of day? Stephen, Bryan, and Zachary think not, but Cameron apparently can't stand the stuff, for he's off on his own crazy adventure this week. Nevertheless, you can sit back and listen to Stephen's remarkably halfhearted review of The Gunstringer and Zachary's suspiciously optimistic appraisal of his $2 Alpha Protocol. Also, Bryan said things, too. The Query of  the Week entails a no-holds-barred ride through Thrillsville as the upcoming October releases are discussed, and a brand new rotating segment-- Games to End All Games-- crashes into the scene like a heavyweight walrus during cardio exercises (that's a good thing). Oh, you won't want to miss downloading Disembodied Voices Episode 15 for all the treasures of the world! [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24480952/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%2015.mp3]