Smell that? Windy change is in the air...

Hello there, listener! We, meaning the entirety of the DV Cast, did our very first live streamed podcast on just a few short hours ago! We gave away a Hearthstone beta key; laughter and fun filled the virtual air for nearly 20 minutes. We all thought it was a blast. So much so, that we're actually planning even more live streaming stuff! What sort of stuff? We're not telling yet! However, we can tell you where some new content is going to start to show up in the very near future.

First off, you can see the Hearthstone giveaway either on Youtube or on Twitch. 

The DV Cast's permanent Youtube channel is very simple:! Click subscribe on that channel to get all of our uploads!

Same with Twitch; just go to and click on "Follow" so you can know exactly when we go live (It'll send you an email).

Of course, we will always announce things first, and most quickly on our Twitter page, which is simply

And as always, our email is thedvcast(at) Send us whatever you'd like. Cake is preferable.

Keep your eyes peeled on all of these different sites, because things are a'changin' for the Disembodied Voices podcast. We hope to see you along for the ride!

Signing off,