Intermission: The Stephen and Bryan Show

Zach and Cameron are gone; lost in the hustle and bustle of life like so many wayward tumbleweeds. Stephen and Bryan are busy playing World of Warcraft and, without the peer pressure from their esteemed colleagues, have no reason to stop. You, listener, are a special VIP guest on their trip through Shadowfang Keep, a perilous dungeon teeming with ghosts and switches that don't do anything. Although you can't actually see or hear the game and Bryan leaves his brother alone for a full unedited ten minutes, the adventures you'll have in Azeroth will never be forgotten. Monsters and unsanitary kitchens don't phase the two heroes one bit as they depend on each other and moist cornbread to charge forth, never ever giving up until the bitter end, during which they give up. Best of all, Cameron will have a fit that this episode was recorded in the first place. [audio]