Episode 69: Disembodied Voices Awakening

Disembodied Voices is back and nothing will ever be the same again! Well, you've got Stephen, Bryan, Cameron, and Zachary sitting around and talking about video games, sure-- but other than that, nothing will ever be the same again! The structure is new, the theme song is new, and there will be newer new stuff to come. The newness is almost unbearable. Yes, the tea table has been upended, leaving a brand new format of conversational free-flowing free-for-all in its wake. During this exciting time in Disembodied Voices history, Cameron wants to talk about Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, so Stephen performs the greatest talent he possesses: a Bentley impression. Speaking of totally unrelated things, the confounding Shin Megami Tensei series is (kind of) explained courtesy of Zach, while the topic of Fire Emblem: Awakening leads onto a chat about difficulty difficulties in the video gaming world. A plethora of other topics are dived into as well, concluding with everybody's top and bottom three Final Fantasy games. Disembodied Voices Episode 69 is, quite frankly, the place to be. [audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_b1c67c0cb6b144c381b91d0d0eaccdaa/Disembodied+Voices+-+Episode+69.mp3]

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and remixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: Dance of Descent, originally from Final Fantasy and remixed by Brandon Strader and Ikzemia.