Sonic Christmas Blast

Christmas cheer surrounds the world and binds it together like it's the Force or something, and that can only mean one thing: another Disembodied Voices Christmas Special! This time Stephen's gone mad with a burning anger about the state of modern Sonic games, and only the magic of Christmas (and ghosts wielding the magic of Christmas) can pull him from the brink of sadness come a holiday season with no blue hedgehog to find under the tree. Make sure your mug of hot cocoa is close at hand, because you'll need every drop of sustenance as you journey through the dreams of an obsessed Sonic the Hedgehog fan. There's probably a moral somewhere deep inside this heartfelt rendition of Sonic Christmas Blast, so give a shout if you can figure out what it is in between your tears of joy and sadness. The DV Cast wish you and pretty much everyone else the merriest of Christmases!