Let's Play Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Do you want to spend two hours watching the DV Cast play Serious Sam? If so, you are a weirdo. If not, you should avoid the video below at all costs. Now that you're properly pumped up, it's time to let you know what's going on! Cameron has recorded a lengthy session of Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD four-player co-op (a term used loosely in this case) from his perspective, virtually unedited and daring the world to view its carnage. If you guessed that this would produce zany antics, you would be correct. Zachary nearly falls asleep, Stephen learns that guns use bullets, Bryan is dressed as a cowboy, they all kill Cameron a multiple times, and so much more. This brand new feature is a little rough around the edges (particularly the beginning's lag), but it has what could be called potential. What do you think? Was it too long? Were the conversations guffaw-inducing? Would a less manic game work better? Should everyone burst into song at random points? Let your opinions be heard! Also, a there's a content warning attached to the video: unlike our family friendly podcasts, there is an absurd amount of blood present.

So anyway, enough with the text chatter; Let's Play Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter!