S5 E9: Flashback: How A Little Podcast Saved And Nearly Ruined Christmas AND A Christmas Kerfuffle

In this special flash back episode, we’re taking you back to (almost) the beginning! If you didn’t know, before the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast, this group did another podcast called TheDVCast! And because we’re weird, we recorded a BUNCH of audio dramas! Four of them in particular are Christmas specials with a continious story, and we wanted to share them again with you all, in case you hadn’t heard them yet!

In this episode, you’ll find Part 1 AND Part 2. Part one is called How A Little Podcast Saved (And Nearly Ruined) Christmas. Part two is called A Christmas Kerfuffle. The next time we post a Flashback episode, we’ll do Parts 3 and 4! We hope you enjoy them!

If you’d like to skip directly to A Christmas Kerfuffle, it starts at exactly 44 minutes and 55 seconds.

Originally edited by Stephen. Rearranged by Cameron. Lots of other credits that I’m too lazy to pull up.