S3 E22: Stephen Gets Even

Stephen's back, and he's the host! No, no, not the organic living space of a parasitic creature or a male version of the beloved Twinkie inventor, but the man with the plan-- or, in this case, the dude with the 'tude. Stephen has picked up a passive aggressive attitude in his time away, so he spends every cent of his good will on calling Cameron a slob, insinuating that Bryan is boring, suggesting that Abigail is overweight, and making a vicious crack about Zachary's social life. Perhaps all the talk about beer had him drunk with power, or maybe the subject of this episode's Storytime made him prickly, but his unacceptable behavior puts him out of a job as Cameron resumes hosting duties. Which actually works better because Cameron has plenty of parasitic creatures AND Twinkies in his slobby mess of a kitchen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

[Editor's note: Stephen has also been removed from his editing duties.]

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Edited by Cameron (except for the sponsor, which was Stephen). Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. All other music is from Incompetech and Bensound.