S3 E15: We're All Good Liars... Except Cameron

It is currently almost 3 in the morning, Pacific Time, and I'm not crazy in the mood to figure out how to write a witty and interesting description to this episode of the Pod-Cast, so instead, here's a factual, informative list of some of the things we talked about: liars 

1. Abigail hates Blink 182.
2. Ben's fridge is broken, and can't eat various processed meats. 
3. Bryan hates dogs.
4. Cameron is a bad actor.
5. Stephen is over-the-moon upset about the disappearance of the pig emotie in Skype.

Nothing in the show notes, because frankly it's a joke that's too good to not keep up with. 

Edited by Cameron. Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. All other music from Incompetech.