S3 E6: Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher $

Because What's Up With the Whales was too useful and positive for a show this dysfunctional, Bryan decides to debut What's Down With the Whales, a spotlight on the latest depressing goings-on. Tim can't make friends, Zachary can't meet women, and Stephen can't do either-- AND he broke his dang bicycle! But don't worry, it all has a happy ending, unlike the nail-biting cliffhanger of this week's Storytime. This is one episode you'll want to tell your friends about, even if you can't pronounce it!

Direct download: https://ia601506.us.archive.org/21/items/WaWS3E6/WaW%20S3%20E6.mp3

Edited by Stephen. Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. Other music is from Incompetech. Sound effects are from Freesound and Stephen's mouth.