S2 E23: Return of the Billy

Guess who's back! In case you didn't read the title, you might be curious. It's Billy, the one and only! I mean, there are other Billys in the world, but ours is a unique model. What has he been up to in the last six months? Why, he's been watching a not-anime series called RWBY (and yes, we suspect he has been watching it for six months straight). Cameron is back, too-- you know, from Bryan's Trip to Not-Sand Land! He has many jovial bladder-related stories to share. Stephen and Zachary aren't special, though. They're just dudes hangin' out. The episode concludes with a fun round of De-FIN-itions, which reveals a shocking Australian fact about Billy that ewe won't want to miss!

Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. Other music is from Incompetech. Sound effects are from Freesound.