S2 E19: Trivia, Trivia, Trivia: Questions

Big time game-show-host-without-a-license Benjamin Smith bursts onto the scene with a brand new question-filled trivia segment called Trivia, Trivia, Trivia: Questions! I mean, the first ten minutes of the episode consist mostly of a confusing argument about Whales are Whales: Civil War, but don't think about that part. YOU signed on for the confusing head-scratchers about American presidents and eSports (a combination made in heaven). Better grab your pencils, because you're keeping score! Actually, Ben is keeping score, so... you might not need the pencil. It's your call, I guess. Okay, so, bye. Drive safe.

Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. All other music is from Incompetech. All sound effects are from Freesound.