S2 E5: Cameron and Abigail Hangin' Out and Talkin'

2/3 of the Whales are Whales members have run far far away to MAGFest, leaving relative strangers Cameron and Abigail behind to record a Pod-Cast on their own. While this situation could have provided for a very popular reality television series, it turns out that both of them are decent folk at heart so they spent their time asking each other randomly generated conversation starters in a polite, friendly manner. Goodness gracious, you will learn so much about Cameron and Abigail. What's the craziest thing they've ever done? What happened when they drank large quantities of raspberry-flavored vodka? Actually, it's kind of weird that those questions had different answers. But whatever! It's Cameron and Abigail hangin' out and talkin'!

Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda

All sound effects are from Freesound and Super Mario Kart