Season Christmas, Episode Christmas

This episode is all about the spirit of Christmas, and as we all know, nothing is more Christmas than penguins. But that's jumping the gun. Speaking of guns, that's what Cameron got for Christmas! Stephen, Bryan, and Zachary also received lovely material gifts for the yearly yuletide exchange, but the true spirit of Christmas (directly subordinate to penguins) is inviting friends into your home, which partially explains the surprise appearance of Tim, a visiting German fellow from Bridging the Barrier. This episode is even longer than that run-on sentence, so find a cozy seat by the fire to hear all about Christmas food, Christmas presents, and Christmas stories about Christmas penguins. It's Season Christmas, Episode Christmas!

Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda. Other music is from Incompetech and the "What Is Love" All Star Karaoke mix. Sound effects are from Freesound and Stephen's mouth.