S2 E1: Season Two, Episode One

It's Season 2, Episode 1 of the Whales are Whales Pod-Cast! Where was Season 1 all of this time, you ask? Why, we're pretending it existed all along, and now that it's 2016, we're in Season 2! Cameron, of course, thinks this is a bad idea, because he's the resident skeptic. Good thing Stephen's here to be the resident blind optimist who, despite thinking everything is funny, doesn't know how to laugh. Then there's old Zachary, ex-Pokemon-master and resident Zachary. Oh, and Bryan, resident voice of reason, does some things probably I don't know I can't remember really. But lo! Lo unto you, listener, for resident non-resident Abigail is back, and she brought germs!  Join this wacky crew as they discuss Stephen's weekly meal plan, play a weird game about Pokemons, and tell a story about this little fellow who lives in Paris.

Our theme music is The Olive Gang by coda

All other music is from Incompetech and Pokemon Red/Blue

Sound effects are from Freesound