99 - Character Themes

This is the OverClocked Podcast, a regular dose of video game music and conversation from OCReMix.org. This week, we get hyped for our upcoming centennial episode and get acquainted with a colorful cast of characters in this week’s Playlist.

ReMix ReWind:

The Playlist: Character Themes

  • From Willy Wombat, “Here To Stay (Willy’s Theme)”, submitted by electricboogaloo

  • From The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck’s theme, submitted by Patchpen

  • From Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, T. Hawk’s theme, submitted by Liontamer

  • From Ys I and II Chronicles, Feena (Ys II), submitted by Jorito

  • “Boomer Kuwanger” from Mega Man X, arranged for Sega Genesis by Savaged Regime, submitted by UtopiaNemo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CzkswHHxQI&t=1033s

  • “Pepsi Jam” from Pepsi Man, arranged by GaMetal and friends, submitted by BlackDoom - https://youtu.be/fc9lcCw91YE

  • “The Little N. Gin That Could”, from Crash Bandicoot Warped, arranged by Ivan “The Doc” Hakštok, submitted by Rexy - http://dwellingofduels.net/dodarchive/17-07-Free/05-Ivan%20Hak%C5%A1tok-Crash%20Bandicoot%20Warped-The%20Little%20N.%20Gin%20That%20Co-DoD.mp3

  • From Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Ike’s Resolution, submitted by Stephen

  • From Deltarune, Vs. Susie, submitted by FenixDown

  • From Sonic Adventure DX, “E102 Gamma”, submitted by VikingZX

  • From Wandersong, Miriam - Invidious, submitted by Thiago

Next Week's Playlist: The Wishlist

Know a piece of VGM that hasn’t been OverClocked ReMixed yet? Now’s your chance to tell us about it. We can’t promise you someone will answer your request, but it never hurts to try.


  • Host: FenixDown

  • Script: Patchpen

  • Editing: Eino Keskitalo

  • Release: Stephen

And a very special thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and submitted Playlist recommendations!

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