98 - Puzzle Music

This is the OverClocked PodCast, a regular dose of video game music and conversation from ocremix.org. This week we show off a bunch of creative remixes in the ReMix ReWind and ponder over a Playlist of puzzle music.

ReMix ReWind:

The Playlist: Puzzle Music

  • Electricboogaloo - “The 2nd Tide” From I.Q Final (PlayStation)

  • DarkeSworde - “Stage Theme 2 Track No 10” from Yosumin!

  • Jorito - “BGM 1” From King’s Valley 2

  • Black_Doom - “Final of Puyo Puyo” From Puyo Puyo Mega Drive

  • Liontamer - “Threes is the Bee’s Knees” From Threes

  • Liontamer - “Reactive” From Threes by Timaeus222 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03333

  • Liontamer - “Burning Up” From Dr Mario by DJ Redlight https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01547

  • FenixDown - “Inquisition” from Catherine

  • John Bunday - “Azalea & Blackthorn Gym” From Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

  • Eino Keskitalo - “I’m Thinking” from Ittle Dew

  • UtopiaNemo - “Unknown Song 2” From Junction

Next Week's Playlist: Character Themes


  • Host: Patchpen

  • Script: Patchpen and Eino Keskitalo

  • Editing: Patchpen and Eino Keskitalo

  • Release: Stephen

And a very special thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and submitted Playlist recommendations!

Bumper music: WhACKASS WORKShIFTS (Instrumental) by Sir Jordanius and halc from Temporal Duality - http://soniccd.ocremix.org/#disc4

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