76 - Funk Fiction

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This is the OverClocked PodCast, a regular dose of video game music and conversation from OC ReMix.org!

This week we learn the facts of Sonic BeATS with Funk Fiction, ride an unstable roller coaster of asymmetrical meter through Laura Intravia’s newest installment of Between the Lines, and put a new spindash on Sonic music with a Playlist of ReMixes.

Next Week's Playlist: DS and 3DS Music

ReMix ReWind:

In-Tune Interview with Funk Fiction

The Playlist: Sonic the Hedgehog ReMixed

  • Shifting Islands - Originally from Sonic the Hedgehog, ReMixed by Miearth, halc, and PROTO-DOME (Black_Doom)
  • Chemixtrixx - Originally from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, ReMixed by PrototypeRaptor (Stalky)
  • Clockwork Criminal - Originally from Sonic the Hedgehog, ReMixed by WillRock (timaeus222)
  • Next My Generation - Originally from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, ReMixed by analoq (SquarEvil)
  • Chaos Nightmares - Originally from Sonic Adventure, ReMixed by PrototypeRaptor (JosephG)
  • Blobby Blob Disco - Originally from Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, ReMixed by Jivemaster (Patchpen)
  • The Glacier’s Peak - Originally from Sonic Advance, ReMixed by jmr (Yami)
  • Time Traveller’s Delight - Originally from Sonic CD, ReMixed by OverClocked Assembled (FenixDown)
  • Press Garden Zone - Originally from Sonic Mania, ReMixed by Funk Fiction (Funk Fiction)

Bumper music:

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