The Legend of Meldorr

Ever wanted to read the ramblings of a man who made it his personal goal to play through the entire chronology of The Legend of Zelda? With a copy of Hyrule Historia and functioning laptop in hand, Bryan Kelly (aka, Lord Meldorr) has set off to do just that! His unique sense of cunning and wit... aren't actually very present in this log, but he's having a darned good time keeping it. Inspired by an old journal he kept with his brother as they ventured into Twilight Princess for the first time, Bryan has decided there's nothing quite like keeping a personal journal through a memorable game. It's going to be the next big thing after this whole YouTubes fad dies off.

(Warning: this journal was not originally written with public consumption in mind, so weirdness awaits. It has also not been proofread. You have been warned. Which is why it said "warning". Geeze.)