Bryan Kelly helped his brother, Stephen, start Whales are Whales for the betterment of our galaxy, which is similar to being a Power Ranger. Able to get along with most anybody and kinda get the hang of most anything, he could be called a jack-of-all-trades (or a master of none, depending on your preference). Either way, with a guitar in hand and an everlasting admiration for Finnish rock group Poets of the Fall, he is the sole sibling with a degree of genuine musical talent.

He's also way into video games, particularly if they have "Blizzard" pasted somewhere on the title screen. He's no slouch in the podcast department either, and likes to host them with his personal brand of logic, order, and forgetfulness. A fellow member of the family pet-sitting business, Bryan continues to hang out with Stephen a whole lot.

Twitter: @LordMeldorr