Andres Gomez-Potdevin is a musician, gamer, Hearthstone expert, and certified super nice guy. Born and raised in Columbia, he made the trek to Atlanta Georgia at the age of 18 to begin a study of a music and business degree that conveniently enough led to the creation of his own music licensing business!

Having met Bryan through a Hearthstone gaming group, it's only appropriate that Andres' history is peppered liberally with gaming of all kinds. What began as a love of the vibrant worlds of Nintendo grew into an appreciation of the strategy and polish of Blizzard Entertainment. Andres plays a mean Warcraft, and an even meaner Hearthstone, so it's definitely wise to keep Andres as friend rather than foe.

Warning Label: Andres listened to liberal amounts of punk growing up; may be inclined to fight the power or tag your house with graffiti.

Projects: Hearthaholics

Twitter: @IplaiGames