What is Whales are Whales? That's a question we ask ourselves every day. As far as we can figure, Whales are Whales is a network of cool friends that exists to grow ideas into creative projects and podcasts for the world over to enjoy. (Or, at the very least, for us to enjoy. The world hasn't quite made up its mind yet.) It's a place to learn about new things, be around people that you like, and maybe even make the universe a little brighter along the way! A colorful cast of characters works behind, in front of, and in between the scenes to create everything you'll discover on this very website. They're all just kind of sitting around down there waiting to meet you. So go on! Don't be rude.

How did this whole thing get started? Well, the distinguished founders of Whales are Whales, Stephen and Bryan Kelly, have been brothers for the majority of their lives. They've been best friends for just as long, and to them, collaboration comes naturally and insistently. This network was created to house their zany ideas—and make some new friends while they were at it. And hey, it worked!